Valorie’s List is local Realtor, Valorie Blanchard from Idaho’s Real Estate, servicing areas from Ashton, ID to Pocatello, Idaho. For the past 8 years she has been helping families achieve their dream of owning a home. When you work with Valorie’s List….Get Packin, Your Movin!

The Hall Foundation, initially established in 2015 with a focus on enabling international students to access higher education through scholarships, has evolved into a multifaceted organization. Beyond its global education efforts, the Hall Foundation now plays a pivotal role in coordinating and executing local projects that resonate with employees of Brad Hall Companies, all while emphasizing the ideals of lifting individuals and rising together. This evolution signifies a commitment to both international and local betterment, making the Hall Foundation a dynamic force working for positive change on multiple fronts in many locations across the western United States. Our motto is Lift Individually, Rise Together.